Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

Speaker, Consultant, Author

Specializing in Stress Relief and Nutrition

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Are you or members of your organization:

Living in the hurried lane? Finding it difficult to concentrate at work? Over-committed and disorganized? Taking too many sick days?

High stress has been linked to a range of health conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Women and young people were among the most stressed. Sources: Mayo Clinic & The Journal of Applied Psychology

The time is now to help members of your organization, (or yourself) ignite desires to reclaim health and well-being. Every organization wants and needs healthy, thriving and motivated staff or members. Rosalie’s informational and entertaining presentations, and personal or group coaching using tele-seminars/webinars motivates individuals to live life the way they were meant to live it  – with vitality and increased health and well-being.

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When I leave audiences, they feel:

  • Lifted out of their fog into a life filled with promise and excitement for the future
  • Empowered to take back their lives – they do not just belong to their ‘busyness’
  • Excited for growth with tools to direct them to make positive changes

Allow Rosalie to create an inspirational and exhilarating learning atmosphere for your group in the area of both mental and physical health promotion, helping people become calm, centered and in charge. (Over 800 talks given since 1995.)  Signature Topics: From Frazzled to Fantastic!, Power Foods Create Better Moods, View other Nutrition Topics.

Thank you for the entertaining and informative seminar, ‘Hurried Person Transforms!’, that you gave for us. The staff really enjoyed your session and overall rated it a 4.5 out of 5.0- which is excellent! It was a good look at a hurried lifestyle that all staff could relate to, and you gave us strategies to help find a work/life balance. I look forward to your next stress relief program later this year.

—Donna Carmichael, Administrative Coordinator, Organizational Development, Sunnybrook Campus of Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centre

Professional Health & Wellness, Stress-Relief Speaker, Author

As a professional speaker, Rosalie Moscoe has electrified and inspired over 800 audiences at corporations, associations, non-profit or community group for almost 20 years. She is passionately committed to guiding people to achieve maximum well-being, stress-relief, boosted nutrition and positivity to reduce sick leave and enhance productivity for members of organizations. A graduate and former instructor at Centennial College on stress-management and a Registered Nutritional Consultant in private practice, Rosalie delivers quality, well-crafted, inspirational, keynotes, seminars, tele-seminars and webinars to suit the needs of your organization.

As Chair of the Mindful Campaign – supporting a better future for children’s mental health, Rosalie announces the launch of the bold campaign sponsored by the ISF – click here for more details!


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